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What do we want to do?

Create a platform for people who care about their community and want to make the step from intention to action. This platform will offer them the possibility to create connections but will also allow them to interact. We will also provide easy methods of engaging in the community: micro financing, community development projects, ideas laboratory, ability to offer your skills to society, etc.

We want to encourage individuals to think about initiatives that drive positive change in society or in their own community. We will provide solutions to resolve the mismatch between people with resources to share but little time, and those with ambition and drive but few resources.

DueDrops enables and empowers positive change in society by matching needs with resources and encourage cooperation within communities.

The platform's unique element is its focus on proximity. You will be able to affect visible change in your own community/neighbourhood. You will directly benefit from your investment.


Core objectives

Although we want to create a democratic space, based on inclusiveness, our actions to inspire change in society will focus on the following directions:

1. Promoting cultural diversity and integration.
2. Fighting poverty
3. Fighting climate change
4. Promoting access to art
5. Promoting fair trade
6. Promoting social business concepts
7. Knowledge creation and dispersion

Current stage of development

Business Plan

From idea and a collection of brainstorming and feedback sessions is a long way. I realise now we started with just a situation that needed changing and have since then been building strategies, products, key features, differentiating elements, etc.

We have started writing in a business plan template but haven't yet come to an end.

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There are two dimensions to this: The design of the user experience, resulting in the user interface and the development of the software modules that run the platform.

User experience

It starts with discovery - you will look around in your neighbourhood and find likeminded people and the projects they support or the initiatives they have started. This is how you find out the way in which you want to get involved.

It continues with action - you can support individuals, projects, promote your own initiative, join conversations, get support.

Graphic design implementation is currently ongoing.

Software development

The software development is based on Wordpress and BBpress community plugin.

I have developed the geo-location module that helps users find other people or projects nearby. This is now under testing and further enhancements are added.

The crowd sourcing module that allows multiple individuals to contribute resources (financial or otherwise) to a project or individual is now the only element missing. More details in the technical specs.


From idea to
business plan

Writing the business plan

We discussed the initial idea for 2 hours, while driving, coming back to Vienna from Prague.

We presented our idea to others and collected their feedback and the idea grew and crystalized.

The outcome of this stage will be the business plan detailing every aspect of the idea.

Building the

This is how it might look like

We have identified the modules and started working on the prototype.

The development of the prototype is based on the wordpress core with custom functionalities.

The outcome of this stage is a working prototype, outlining the entire business process. Testing and tweaking will start.

Fundraising & development

Prove viability

Just having a website doesn't mean you have a social enterprise.

It takes building an organisation to do that. And if we can't convince others to invest in this, its probably not worth doing.

The outcome of this stage should be acquiring the funds necessary to develop, launch and run Due Drops.

Launching the
social enterprise

Launching is just the beginning

Marketing and communication are the main parts of this stage.

We plan to open the portal to users and heavily promote it in the local and online media.

Although is the final stage in this plan, it is barely the beginning.

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