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I work with social
enterprises since 2004.

What I do

I am actively looking for innovative initiatives in the social entrepreneurship environment to support in reaching their goals. I want to get involved and bring my expertise in web development and other related online technologies to your initiative.

The overlap between nonprofit technology and social entrepreneurship is becoming clearer every day.

... it seems to me that overlap is driven by the fact that to be successful, social entrepreneurs have to be great at harnessing resources and mobilizing communities. socialentrepreneurship.change.org

Social entrepreneurs are those who see issues in our society, imagine creative ways to contribute to solving those issues and get to work immediately after. If you are one of these, I want to work with you. I want to be a part of what you are doing.


Curriculum Vitae

I believe in technology that is simple, user friendly and most of all affordable. I have started my work in Web Development 6 years ago as a Project Manager and have gained international experience working with companies in the United States and Sri Lanka.

I worked as a freelancer for almost two years helping several organisations and individuals create a web presence. I do this because it combines two things I believe in the most: entrepreneurship and technology.

You can find more about me from my profile on LinkedIn.

People I work with

Kannan Arunasalam

Centre for poverty analysis,
Sri Lanka

Kannan Arunasalam

The events that surround the history of the Sri Lankan conflict, their impact and interaction with other events, are still highly contentious.

As a contribution to this ‘live’ debate, the Peace and Conflict Timeline (PACT) project was developed as a participatory initiative to help those with an interest in the Sri Lankan conflict gain a deeper understanding.

Peter Vandor

Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Austria

Peter Vandor

The Social Impact Award is a competition for student social entrepreneurs in Austria, aiming to support and connect some of the young entrepreneurial minds in the country.

My approach

The idea

Present / Brainstorm / Gather

Tell me your idea

If you are behind a great idea that makes people enthusiastic, I would love to hear about it.

Almost all great ideas can benefit from great internet marketing.

Each idea I helped materialise into an online presence, is now an idea I work for on a daily basis. I become its first fan and long term active supporter.

The proposal

Plan / Strategy / Vision

Lets discuss it

We will then start planning. I will hear all your plans.

This is to find out how your idea works. And how design and functionality can work so that you get the most out of the website.

I write down a proposed strategy for the website and together we reach a common vision.

The result

Design / Develop / Optimise

I get to work

I get to work, and within most probably 2 weeks, you see results.

I take care of all those abbreviated things like XHTML, CSS, W3C, etc. and then we test and tweak things over.

More than that, I also stay with you through the initial learning curve until you master working with it.

The 10%

Contribute / Invest / Society

Giving back

You might have noticed I am involved with a few social entreprises.

10% of everything I charge will go to a Social Enterprises Development Fund and become an investment in social projects.

I will keep everything transparent and you will see how the money is spent.

Lets get started

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