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A professional web & app development for people and organisations that have a positive impact in the society based in beautiful Vienna.


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  • November 2020
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Single page application

Instant transitions from one page to another. No reloads. Website dynamically rewrites the content in the current page rather than loading entire new pages from a server. Visitors experience little to no interruption between successive pages, making the website behave more like a desktop application.

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SEO Optimised

Scores 100 points on google lighthouse every time. The only limitations here are now related to the effort put into creating and optimising the content. Due to server side rendering (SSR), search engine crawling and social media sharing is as good as it can be. A few lines of code automatise the rest of the work.


Here are some of the ones we have been working on or that are currently in progress.

Nu tot ei v2 - Home

Nu tot ei v2.0

Measuring project success is hard to do. Finding relevant indicators for each one is even harder. At the beginning of each project I set KPIs relating to the challenges tackled, the overall client goals and my personal objectives as a developer.

Monthly new visitors - 85%

Monthly returning visitors - 15%


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