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  • Private Network

MHPSS Application

Private intranet and community collaboration platform for a growing global network connecting people and organizations, built to share resources and build knowledge related to mental health and psychosocial support both in emergency settings and in situations of chronic hardship.


  • Wordpress
  • Digital Ocean
  • Symphony


  • The MHPSS Network
  • August, 2017
  • https://app.mhpss.net
MHPSS Application
MHPSS Application
MHPSS Application


Here are some of the ones we have been working on or that are currently in progress.

Nu tot ei v2 - Home

Nu tot ei v2.0

Measuring project success is hard to do. Finding relevant indicators for each one is even harder. At the beginning of each project I set KPIs relating to the challenges tackled, the overall client goals and my personal objectives as a developer.

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